5 Apps To Make Going Back To School Easy

It’s back to school time!   1. Flipp Flipp is a free app that brings you circulars, coupons and an interactive shopping list right to your phone so you can plan your shop and find the best deals on everything you need for back to school. Ultimate time and money saving app for BTS 2. [...]

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Valentines Day Ideas to boost your fundraising and fun!

Valentines Day is almost here! So is heart shaped everything.  A lot of people don`t want the hassle of putting on a entire shop, especially so soon after the In-school Holiday fundraiser madness. Here are some ideas to still get in some easy,  fun things for the children to do this Valentines Day.     The first [...]

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5 Tips to Ensure Great Success for Your School Holiday Shops for Students

Holiday shopping program such as School 's Santa Gift Store or In School Holiday Gift Shoppe(Store) offers an excellent opportunity for everyone involved and not just the students. Students get the opportunity to confidently purchase high quality Gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa Boutiques at an affordable price for their friends [...]

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