Q: How many days from the time of order does it take to deliver gift certificate to customer?
A:The gift certificate gets delivered immediately through email once payment is received.

Q:When is customer charged?
A: At the time of order.

Q:Why do we need your email address?
A:Your email address will never be used unless your child loses a certificate or if we have a hard time finding your child’s school in our system based on the information you provided. We take everyone’s privacy seriously and we will never solicit or sell anyone’s email address that has purchased a gift certificate.

Q: What happens if my child doesn’t spend the full amount of the gift certificate?
A: Gift certificates are redeemed at your schools holiday shop and treated like cash. Any unused portion of the Gift Certificate will be refunded to your child at the school holiday shop with cash.

Q: What happens if my child loses the gift certificate?
A: Gift certificates are given a “Special unique ID Number”, then stored in our system and compared to the certificates used. If your child loses their certificate we can validate it in our system and re-issue a new one.

Q: I have another question not listed here.
A:Not to worry, you may email us at info@asmallworldgiftshop.com or call 1-800-530-0169