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Your Gift Shipment

  •  Your gift selection will be made up of several boxes. Tell the school secretary or custodian receiving the shipment to make sure the number of boxes matches the number on the receipt before signing. Any missing, damaged or open boxes must also be noted on the receipt.
  • Your boxes also contain and inventory list with our prices, tablecloths and plastic bags.
  • Leave the boxes sealed until you are ready to do inventory.

Inventory and Planning Shop Setup

  • Inventory one box at a time, using the inventory list as a guide. Make sure the gift selection matches the list and note any items that arrive damaged. Note any discrepancies or problems.

Time-Saving Suggestions

  • To save set-up time on the first day of your shop, you may price your gift selection as you inventory it. Mark your price on an index card and place it in the box with the gift. When you place your gift items on the tables, place the priced index card in front of the item.
  • Store your boxes in a secure place until ready to set up your shop.

Shop Set-Up

  • Set up your tables and cover them with our free tablecloths. You will display a sample of each gift on the tables and sell from your stock in boxes or on tables behind you. Small items can be sold from their display boxes on the tables.
  • You should set up items in different groups. For example you may group all Mother’s items together, Father’s items together and so on.
  • DO NOT put prices on the gifts. We cannot accept returns of gifts that are marked.

After Your Event is Over

  • You must count all remaining gifts after your shop’s last day. Do a final inventory and write down the number of unsold items in the “return column” next to the matching item on the inventory sheet. Subtract this number from the amount received and enter it in the “items sold” column. Multiply the number in the “item sold” column by our price and mark it in the end column. Total this column. This is the amount you  pay our company for that sheet. Repeat the same process for each sheet and then add all your inventory sheets together. This total owed to Small World Gift Shop.
  • Note damaged or broken gifts on the inventory sheet and include them in your return total. You will not be charged for damage or broken items.
  • Pack up gifts to be returned, and seal boxes.
  • Total your bill. Make out your check and give the check and a copy of your inventory sheets to the driver when you call to have your items picked up.
  • Keep copies of the inventory sheets and your ch