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The world is changing, and A Small World Gift Shop has expanded to offer your school more options. Along with our Traditional Holiday Gift Shop, we will now offer a Virtual Holiday Gift Shop and a Hybrid Gift Shop, which combines the two. Browse through our three Gift Shop varieties to find the best one for your school.

Once you’ve decided, just print a copy of that gift shop agreement, fill it out, and sign it. Or simply fill out the PDF file and include your E-signature at the bottom. Fax it to us at 718-442-9014 or email it to us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Traditional Holiday Shop

Our Traditional Holiday Gift Shop is held in-person at the school. Merchandise is provided to the schools, and volunteers set up and run a shop for the students. All merchandise is on consignment (all unsold products are returned). Family and friends can purchase Gift Certificates online to help students shop. Gift Certificates can only be used for the Traditional In-School Holiday Gift Shop.

Call us for suggestions on how to run a safe, social distancing traditional shop in your school

  • Information letters are sent home for the parents
  • Gift Items are Delivered to Your School
  • Volunteers set up the Shop
  • Students go to the Shop and Select Their Gifts Hands-on
  • Students Pay for Their Gifts at the Shop
  • Unsold Products are Returned
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