6 Easy Steps to a Successful Fundraiser with A Small World Gift Shop

Planning and executing a successful fundraiser can be simplified to a few easy steps with A Small World Gift Shop. Other fundraisers leave you to struggle on your own, and anything left unsold comes out of your budget. A Small World Gift Shop is a safe and easy way for your school to raise money [...]

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Tips For A Profitable, Fun Holiday School Fundraiser

Creating an effective and meaningful school fundraiser is important to most schools. The key to an effective fundraiser is to create less fundraisers during the course of a school year, while making the ones that you keep extremely profitable. Your school's fundraiser should reach your goals without compromising quality. Make sure the parents, school faculty [...]

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Fundraising That Teaches The Joy Of Giving

The holiday season is about giving. Young children need to learn about the joy of giving. It is psychologically beneficial to the developing mind of a child. It’s never too early to teach children how good it feels to give a special, well thought out gift to a family member or relative. Children that learn [...]

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Safety First Fundraising

The holiday season is fast approaching; and with it comes school fundraising. Sending young children out to sell goodies door-to-door can be dangerous. When it comes to school bake sales, allergies are always a big issue; and who is to blame if a child has an allergy attack? School fundraising that is left to the [...]

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