5 Apps To Make Going Back To School Easy

It’s back to school time!   1. Flipp Flipp is a free app that brings you circulars, coupons and an interactive shopping list right to your phone so you can plan your shop and find the best deals on everything you need for back to school. Ultimate time and money saving app for BTS 2. [...]

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Valentines Day Ideas to boost your fundraising and fun!

Valentines Day is almost here! So is heart shaped everything.  A lot of people don`t want the hassle of putting on a entire shop, especially so soon after the In-school Holiday fundraiser madness. Here are some ideas to still get in some easy,  fun things for the children to do this Valentines Day.     The first [...]

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5 Tips to Ensure Great Success for Your School Holiday Shops for Students

Holiday shopping program such as School 's Santa Gift Store or In School Holiday Gift Shoppe(Store) offers an excellent opportunity for everyone involved and not just the students. Students get the opportunity to confidently purchase high quality Gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa Boutiques at an affordable price for their friends [...]

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Maximize goals for the new year!

You know how the saying goes, New year new me... well it`s true. As one year fades away and brings us into a new one, it gives us new opportunities to change and make ourselves better, and make our In-school holiday gift shop better. That is what 2016 is all about, improving. Here are some [...]

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Making School Fundraising Goals for the New Year

Holiday school fundraising is coming to a close, and now it is time to look ahead. A new year, a new school term, a new school year, and finally, the next holiday fundraiser. While counting your profits and setting up your budget after this holiday fair, it is important to be prepared for the next [...]

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The Holiday Season is here!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or anything else, the holidays are here! By now your Holiday fairs should be over, or coming to a wonderful end. Hopefully the children had a great, and educational time shopping for their family and friends. This is a time for them to not only learn the joy of [...]

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In-School Gift Shop – Teach Your Child an Important Lesson on Budgeting and Giving

Santa’s Secret Shop or School Holiday Gift Shop is an in-school holiday shopping experience for children where they get to learn the important lesson of life – budgeting and giving. The world is evolving rapidly and teaching your child about managing money efficiently has become even more important. School Holiday Gift Shop offers one such [...]

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Fundraising That Teaches The Joy Of Giving

The holiday season is about giving. Young children need to learn about the joy of giving. It is psychologically beneficial to the developing mind of a child. It’s never too early to teach children how good it feels to give a special, well thought out gift to a family member or relative. Children that learn [...]

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Easy & Profitable In-School Holiday Fairs

A Small World Gift Shop Makes School Fundraisers Easy and Profitable The holiday season is approaching! There is a better way to raise funds for your school. Start planning an easy holiday fundraiser for your school today with A Small World Gift Shop. We offer over 150 high quality items for your in-school [...]

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