Step 1: Turn the key to Z/PGM mode.
Step 2: Set codes and prices.

  • First, use register keys to enter code number (gray keys)
  • Press PLU button
  • Enter price for code
  • Press DEPT key
  • Dept 1 key = Codes 1-10
  • Dept 2 key = Codes 11-20
  • Dept 3 key = Codes 21-30
  • Dept 4 key = Codes 31-40, etc.
  • When finish adding all codes then press subtotal key, this will register all the codes into the register!

Example: If code # is 9, and price is $3.50:

  • Press register #9 key (gray key)
  • Press PLU button
  • Enter price $3.50 (350)
  • Press DEPT key (1)
  • Continue this step until all codes are entered, then press the subtotal key!!

Press code # (use register keys)’ Press PLU button ‘ enter price for code (350)’ press dept (1) key, continue entering codes

Repeat Step 2 to program in each code and matching price to maximum of ten (10) codes per DEPT. With 8 departments, you can program up to 80 codes.

Step 3: When you are done, turn key back to register mode.

To Ring Up Sale:

  • Put key into register mode
  • Press code number, then PLU key, then subtotal.

Example: Code 9 – Enter 9 then press PLU key. For more than one item, press PLU in between codes before hitting subtotal key when order is complete then hit the subtotal key. Enter the dollar amount the child pays you, then press large blue square button labeled CA/AT/NS, the register will then tell you how much change to give back.