Your children can learn the joy of giving and making memories during the holidays with A Small World Gift Shop (the in-school holiday shoppe).

A Small World Gift Shop is a store, set-up in your school’s gym, cafeteria, library, etc. and run by your parent volunteers.
This valuable learning experience allows children to secretly shop for their families and friends during the Holiday season. A Small World Gift Shop provides all your gifts for your event on a risk-free consignment basis. You only pay for the items you sell.

Students love it……

For many children, this may be the first time they experience the joy of picking out their own gifts for family and friends. They love shopping in their own school, in a safe environment without Mom or Dad seeing what they are purchasing. It is a wonderful thrill and memory for someone to be surprised with a secret gift a child has selected all by themselves!

Parents love it……

A Small World Gift Shop saves the parent money. Our gifts are priced from $.15 to $8.00. Most gifts are priced under $3.50. If a child should come with only $1.00 they will still be able to purchase a gift.
A Small World Gift Shop saves the parent time. They do not have to bring their children shopping with all the holiday crowds.
Again, the most important reason is A Small World Gift Shop is run in a safe environment in your schools, under the supervision of parent volunteers and teachers.
A Small World Gift Shop is educational. Children learn the valuable lesson of budgeting their money and choosing their gifts wisely.

Supplies Included with Every Small World Gift Shop

  • FREE Information letter for parents.
  • FREE Budget envelopes.
  • FREE Decorated tablecloths and posters.
  • FREE Gift bags and plastic carry-home bags.
  • A complete inventory sheet for your accounting needs.
  • A large inventory of over 100 different items on consignment.
  • When your fair is over, complete your final inventory sheet and send a copy back with all the unsold merchandise. Or we will do your return inventory FREE and bill your school.
  • FREE delivery and pickup.
  • Payment is due five days after the close of the holiday shop.
  • Coded merchandise and coded cash registers are available upon request.