Parent-Teacher Conference

The parent- teacher conference is a chance for both parent and teach to learn about the child. Think about what questions to ask you child’s teacher and prepare a list of questions in advance . Here are 10 questions to help get you started:

Ask if your child is putting forth his or her best effort?                                                                                                                                                                                       What would you say are my child’s strengths?
What are the biggest opportunities for improvement?
How is my child getting along socially with other children?
What does my child’s class conduct tell you about how (s)he learns best?
What examples can you show me of my child’s work?
Are my child’s assignments completed on time and at an appropriate grade level?
How can I track my child’s performance throughout the year?
Do you have suggestions for things we can do at home?

The relationship between parent and teacher is vital when it comes to your child’s education. Parent-teacher conferences provide the ultimate communication in understanding your child’s learning goals.

Top Tips for your Parent-Teacher Conference:

1. Be on time! Mark your calendar and set a reminder in your phone or on your computer.

2. Be prepared! Have your questions ready, and be ready to LISTEN to the teacher’s answers, suggestions, and recommendations.

What would you say are my child’s strengths & learning opportunities?
How would you rate my child’s behavior?
How should I track my child’s performance? Are there examples of my child’s work and is it completed on time and at an appropriate performance level? Do you have suggestions for things we can do at home? What types of books and educational games do you recommend ? Is there a list of suggested readings?
How would you grade my child’s social behavior, do you have any suggestions for him or her when it comes to friends?

3. Write it down! Don’t hesitate to take pen and paper and write down important notes, if you’re anything like me you have a million other things on your mind and it’s best to jot it down so you can revisit your notes.

4. Sum up what you think has been said. This will make sure you both agree on any decisions you have made about your child. If necessary, ask to meet again.


Do you have any tips on how to get the most out of parent-teacher conference?