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  • Chores can improve your child’s self esteem.
  • It may seem easier to do all the chores yourself, but your child benefits from doing them.
  • Chores help teach life skills.

We can all agree no one really wants to do them but chores need to get done. Of course it may seem easier just to do them all yourself. Asking your child to help gives you a little less to do and it can benefit them too. Here are our Top 5 reasons chores are good for kids.

Chores can be a self esteem booster. 

Kids thrive on being productive and having direction. It may not seem like loading the dishwasher will improve your child’s self-esteem. But doing household chores can show your child that while they may have trouble with schoolwork, they can take on and master other tasks.

Chores can teach children how to acclimate.

If your child has attention issues they might feel embarrassed because they struggle with basic chores, like cleaning their room. If you help your child acclimate, they can complete any chore you give them.

Try to get them to follow a step-by-step list that helps complete all their chores.

  1. Put dirty laundry in hamper.
  2. Put toys in their home.
  3. Feed the dog.

It might take your child a little longer to do a chore but keep in mind everyone has their own pace. And you might have to redo parts of it. But giving them responsibility shows how valuable they are. You can make it a more successful experience by choosing the right chores for your child

 Chores help teach life skills.

You might wish they could stay little forever but in the blink of an eye they’ll be in high school! Laundry, cooking and budgeting are just some of the skills your kids will need once they move out. These are also things that schools don’t teach and why it’s super important for them to learn while they are still home.

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Chores help establish respect.

For some , once we move away from home is when we fully appreciate our parents hard work around the house. Children are pretty much the same and assigning them chores should help this insight come a little quicker. Kids might become more aware of the messes they make if they have to clean around the house, and more respectful of the work that goes into maintaining a home.

Chores help kids learn responsibility and independence.

Assigning children regular chores helps teach them responsibility. Chores that personally affect your kids, such as cleaning their room or doing their own laundry, can help them become more self-reliant at the same time. Your kids or grandkids just might take pride in being considered mature enough to take care of themselves.



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