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When you get the family around the campfire, everything becomes a lot simpler. You can spend time sharing family stories, childhood events instead of being plugged in and distracted. A great way to have the whole family participate is to assign a task to each family member.

Campfire Tradition

Have the kids gather plenty of wood. Larger pieces to burn in the fire and sticks to poke at fallen logs.


Keep things simple instead of fussing around the fire. Prepare before you leave the house. Pack a basket of the essentials: cups, plates, utensils, blankets. A pre-made s’mores kit rounds up all the supplies so you can focus on roasting your delicious gooey marshmallows. You can experiment with different flat candy bars, strawberry slices, nutella ,brownies or peanut butter cups. Heat your treats over low, settle in to enjoy the treat and the time together as a family.

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Happy CampingĀ ?