Looking for creative ways to say thank you to teachers this Teacher Appreciation Week? We can help. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we have put together a list of 5 ways to say thank you that will make your teachers happy!

1. Group Gifts

Pool together funds and spend money on one, big celebration/event! Here are some of our favorite ideas for group gifts:

  • Teacher luncheon (try a local restaurant)
  • Tailgate style party in the parking lot
  • Free coffee and pastries at the nearest coffee shop
  • “Relaxation Station” – free (professional) chair massages during break/lunch hour

2. Send a note of thanks

Simply saying “thank you” to teachers in our public schools is often all it takes to make their day.

3. Breakfast for Staff

Who doesn’t love to find free food when they walk into work for the day? For a low-cost breakfast, buy plenty of pastries or bagels, cream cheese, orange juice, coffee and fresh fruit, and you’re set. Because not all teachers will have the time to sit down and enjoy a meal,  include plenty of grab-and-go items for busy staff to enjoy.

4. Go Viral

Make a video or take a photo of yourself thanking a teacher. Share your message on your favorite social media platform and #ThankATeacher

5. Honor Your Teacher

Help recognize & celebrate great teachers at your school by encouraging students & parents to submit nominations for the $5,000 national honored award. Visit: