It’s not a secret kids hate homework and some parents too!  After sitting inside class all day, the last thing you feel like doing is sitting down again and practicing multiplication.

Below are tips on helping your homework hating child.


Take a small break & eat a snack.

Two BIG reasons children hate homework and don’t want to do it is because they are young and tired. Fix them a snack to eat so their blood sugar levels are rising, this helps them start to gain self control and willpower. They might insist they don’t need to eat and they just hate homework , let them know they will hate it a little less once they have a snack! Take a break , have them choose a short game to play, where you both are laughing. This is recuperation for them before they have to start homework.

Be creative and consistent.

Cut out the back and forth arguing and motivate them instead but make sure your child understands that homework is non negotiable. Encourage and motivate by constantly telling them how proud you are of their  independent efforts to do homework and pointing out the connections between doing homework and improved performance in the classroom and on exams.

Teach your kids to engage with their teacher.

If your kids are getting frustrated and overwhelmed have them inform their teacher. It’s helpful to have an open line of communication with the teacher.

Time Allocation for Homework.

Creating a set time for homework helps keep homework on time and consistent. This also allows children to focus on other interests they may have.

Provide a quiet, suitable place for homework to be carried out.

Successful students organize & plan their time in order to get a balance of time for study and relaxation. They work to some form of timetable and have a set time to start homework every day.

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