Most people know what to do to stay safe. The problem is, they don’t always do what they know. The Halloween safety tips in this short blog will remind everyone that Halloween can be tremendous fun when the proper safety measures are followed.

halloween safety for kids


Between parties, costumes, trick-or-treating, safety is a big factor throughout the Halloween Season. By taking the time to follow some common tips, everyone can enjoy a safe and fun Halloween.

Never Go Alone

Kids 12 and under should have adults with them at all times. And it’s always a great idea to trick or treat in a group or with a friend at any age. 

Light the way

Bring a flashlight or glow stick so you can maintain visibility to traffic.

Let parents examine candy

It might be tempting to eat candy on the way home, but it’s safer to have it looked at first.

Eat like a Samurai

One piece of good health is to eat until you’re satisfied not until you’re stuffed. If kids wolf down a bunch of candy, they will wind up with an upset stomach. Not fun!

Trick or treat in populated areas

It’s safer to stick with direct and familiar routes.

Stranger danger

Don’t go into homes or get into cars. Some people have haunted houses in their homes, if you want to do that, ask your parents first.

Bring a cell phone

If your child doesn’t have one, parents lend them yours.

Street safety

Cross streets only at a crosswalk or corner. Use sidewalks or paths. Keep out of the streets if possible. If not, walk facing traffic and as far left as possible.

Be Unique

Add something unique to your child’s store bought costume, it will be much easier if you have to find them in a crowd.

Use good manners

Teach your kids to say Thank You, even if it’s something they think is gross.

Halloween can be fun. But make sure it’s good , clean, safe fun. Parents if you can make Halloween a joyous holiday for you and your child, not only are you going to create lasting memories; but when your children grow up they will carry on the same tradition with their kid. Have fun and stay safe.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.  Prime time for kids to be out on Halloween is 5:30 – 9:30 p.m. If you’re out on Halloween, be alert and slow down while driving. Take extra care and keep clear of distractions like being on a cell phone and keep you head lights on. Keep the Poison Control number – 1-800-222-1222 – handy, in case you need it, as well.