Wouldn’t it be great if the kids cooked for you one day? The holidays are a perfect time for family to spend time together in the kitchen not only learning how to cook but also making great memories for years to come. Teaching the kids while they are young might be messy and take a little longer but you’ll see it’s worth the extra effort. Here are a few recipes to get your holiday cooking tradition with the kids started.



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Recipe To bake these adorable cookie pops, simply roll balls of sugar cookie dough in colored sprinkles and insert a white craft stick before baking.  Make a colorful (and edible) centerpiece for the kids’ table by filling a container with florist foam, topping it with jelly beans, and then sticking the pops into the foam.


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Here’s a fun one to make with the kids. Roll your candy dough into balls, and press mint M&Ms in holiday colors into each one. Here’s the recipe 









This beautiful fudge is so easy and you only need three ingredients!  Recipe