The Top 5 Reasons to Plan a Holiday Boutique for your school.

It’s only a matter of time before the leaves start changing color, and before you know it, the holidays will be here. Get your holiday shoppe planning out of the way, and let us make it easy! Our School holiday shoppe is a wonderful place for kids to shop and spread holiday cheer to the people they love.

A Small World Gift Shop allows children to independently discover the joy of giving while supervised by the watchful eyes of a parent volunteer or teacher.

We make it easy for kids to find beautiful personalized gifts that are also affordable for a child’s budget.

Free service for the children

Everything is on consignment and you only pay for the items that your school sells. We don’t charge to come to your school , the supplies for your holiday shop are free and shipping is free. We also offer loyalty and sign on bonuses! 

Kids shop independently & learn how to budget their money

With the help of parent volunteers and teachers, students can learn the value of money and how to spend it wisely. It’s a great way for students to practice the act of giving, how to save for something they want to buy & following a budget when thinking of others during the holiday season.

Teachers, PTA/PTO & HSA Love It

A Small World gift Shop is a popular holiday shoppe service that’s risk-free and easy to run for the Parent Teacher Association or Parent Teacher Organization of a school. Teachers can teach their students about budgeting , saving for a gift and spending wisely at our school boutique. It’s a great real world lesson to teach while students have fun & discover the joy of giving. 

Parents catch a break

One less thing parents have to worry about during the holidays. No need for one parent to sneak away and take the kids shopping , because it can all be done during school hours. We offer a wide range of gifts for everyone in your family , it’s personalized and way more affordable than something bought at the mall. 

Our no inventory program makes your life easy

Hassle free, less work and no counting. Choosing the no inventory option is the hassle-free way to go.
You simply pack up all your items after your sale, condense
the boxes and send it back to us!


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