Top 10 Volunteer Tips

Recruiting new volunteers is always on most parent groups top list of things to do. It's also usually a challenge for most to recruit new volunteers. Don't feel bad , we are here to help solve your recruiting problem with this list of Volunteering tips.   Volunteer as little or as much as you want. [...]

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Finding Donations for Your Fundraiser

The success of your fundraiser depends on the quality of your items. Here's how to find, and ask for, great items at all price points.   Of all the tasks necessary for a fundraiser, procuring items is the one that can intimidate even the most enthusiastic volunteer. Great auctions are dependent on great items. There [...]

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The Top 5 advantages of hosting a School Holiday Boutique

The Top 5 Reasons to Plan a Holiday Boutique for your school. It's only a matter of time before the leaves start changing color, and before you know it, the holidays will be here. Get your holiday shoppe planning out of the way, and let us make it easy! Our School holiday shoppe is a [...]

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Mother’s Day Boutique

Just like our popular School Holiday Shop or Santa’s Secret Shop…but for Mother’s Day! A Small World Gift Shops' Mother’s Day Boutique offers popular gifts, priced right to fit every child's budget. Your students will enjoy finding that “perfect” gift for their “special” mom. Our Mother's Day Boutique is easy as running a book sale and [...]

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Tips For Running A Successful PTO Or PTA Meeting

  Many people feel like meetings are boring and a waste of time. Some of the Tips I'm about to give you might seem basic but unless you apply them to your meetings, you have room to do better. Applying these habits is a great way to improve your success quickly. If you maintain all [...]

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Top 5 Tips To Recruit Volunteers & Increase Donations

If you’re hoping to increase your nonprofit’s volunteer numbers, we’ve got a few suggestions on how to do so. More volunteers can also translate to more donations for your nonprofit!  In 2016, an estimated 63 million Americans spent time volunteering, totaling 8 billion hours of service that was worth $193 billion to the organizations. Here are five [...]

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Test Your Fundraiser IQ!

PTO Today.. With so many fundraising options available to PTO’s, it’s easy to second-guess your decisions. Did we choose the right company to work with? Did we have our product sale at the best time?   How do we know a fundraising company is reputable? A. Check references. B. Go with your gut feeling. Answer: [...]

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Gifts For Everyone on Your List

It can be hard your child to find the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list, but why does it have to be? A Small World Gift Shop provides your school with over 150 items, most are $5 or under for everyone your child is shopping for: parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, godparents, grandparents, [...]

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6 Easy Steps to a Successful Fundraiser with A Small World Gift Shop

Planning and executing a successful fundraiser can be simplified to a few easy steps with A Small World Gift Shop. Other fundraisers leave you to struggle on your own, and anything left unsold comes out of your budget. A Small World Gift Shop is a safe and easy way for your school to raise money [...]

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Tips For A Profitable, Fun Holiday School Fundraiser

Creating an effective and meaningful school fundraiser is important to most schools. The key to an effective fundraiser is to create less fundraisers during the course of a school year, while making the ones that you keep extremely profitable. Your school's fundraiser should reach your goals without compromising quality. Make sure the parents, school faculty [...]

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