Creating an effective and meaningful school fundraiser is important to most schools. The key to an effective fundraiser is to create less fundraisers during the course of a school year, while making the ones that you keep extremely profitable. Your school’s fundraiser should reach your goals without compromising quality. Make sure the parents, school faculty and PTO are communicating and have the same goals in common. Everyone should be on board for your fundraiser. Here are a few tips to make your school fundraiser more successful:


  • Set a worthy goal
  • Make sure everyone involved has that same goal in mind
  • Your fundraiser should be fun
  • Build a fundraising team
  • Let a professional fundraising company help you
  • Create a solid marketing plan
  • Get the students involved
  • Make sure your fundraiser is value based
  • Make sure it’s morally rewarding

When you are setting up a committee decide on strengths in finance, marketing, distribution, logistics and don’t forget the people who do the physical labor and make sure you have plenty of friendly people to make everyone coming to the fundraiser feel welcome. People that are comfortable in their surroundings will spend more. Advertise your goal, and have a compelling reason your school needs to reach that goal. Get everyone engaged. A fundraiser created to purchase a well needed improvement, that is tangible goes a long way. Keep everyone on your team motivated and make sure they are being recognized for their efforts.

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