The holiday season is about giving. Young children need to learn about the joy of giving. It is psychologically beneficial to the developing mind of a child. It’s never too early to teach children how good it feels to give a special, well thought out gift to a family member or relative.

Children that learn about the gift of giving at a young age are more likely to develop into generous, selfless, and community-driven adults. Psychologically speaking, gift-giving reduces guilt, stress, and makes the giver happier and healthier. In fact, the body releases more endorphins from gift-giving than receiving; meaning that most people feel happier when they give a gift than when they get one.

A Small World Gift Shop, offers the perfect gift for everyone in your family is available and all in one place; creating the perfect environment for children to discover the joys of gift-giving. Because almost all of our high-quality items are $5 or less, it is easier for your son or daughter to find the perfect gift for everyone on his/her list, while spending less and helping their school.

A Small World Gift Shop gives you everything you need for a successful school fundraiser, including the a learning opportunity. Not all school fundraisers have the gift of giving in mind. A Small World Gift Shop does. Call us today at 718-442-9005 or contact us to start planning your Holiday Fair today.