The holiday season is fast approaching; and with it comes school fundraising. Sending young children out to sell goodies door-to-door can be dangerous. When it comes to school bake sales, allergies are always a big issue; and who is to blame if a child has an allergy attack? School fundraising that is left to the individual makes children responsible for large sums of money unnecessarily.

Rather than telling kids to push sales on their own, or be exposed to food allergies, a better way to fundraise would provide a safe, supervised environment for children to help their school raise funds. A Small World Gift Shop is designed to be a safe, child-centered environment where children can learn how to budget and spend wisely, while they also experience the joy of giving. Most sales-booklets for other fundraisers have your children asking for large sums for products; making them responsible for large amounts of money that they have to carry with them; and keep selling for weeks. A Small World Gift Shop takes place in just a matter of days, with 90% of our high-quality items $5 or under. Children will have fun shopping for all the people on their list. Our Holiday Fairs are run by the school and parent volunteers, allowing the children to be safer, and the funds more secure. A Small World Gift Shop allows the school to fundraise on consignment; so you only pay for what is sold. We even pay for shipping to and from the school; and we even do the final inventory ourselves – so you don’t have to. We provide everything your school needs for the fundraiser, including bags, tablecloths, cash registers, and more. We even have an app for inventory, pricing, and cloud use.

A Small World Gift Shop gives you everything you need for a successful school fundraiser, including child safety. Not all school fundraisers have student safety in mind. A Small World Gift Shop does. Call us today at 718-442-9005 or contact us to start planning your Holiday Fair today.