in school holiday fair

There’s something about the magic of a school holiday fair that uplifts the spirit in every school. There is nothing more inspirational than wonderful feelings that a Holiday Fair creates. The notice goes out to the students and to their parents of your upcoming Holiday Bazaar.  The children immediately get excited because they have a way to get gifts for their parents, siblings, family members, friends and even their pets without having to ask someone to take them somewhere to buy gifts. The freedom of being able to shop in their own school instead of depending on someone else is liberating.  The ability to surprise the people they are giving to is even more exciting. Parents love the idea that their children are learning about generosity, money management and the joy of giving. Your school administration feels that this is the greatest fundraising event ever because there is no out-of-pocket expenses, everything is offered to the school on consignment, so in most cases this is a no risk way to bring in revenue, with only upside potential. It’s a feel-good fundraiser all the way around.

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