Make your home extra spooky with these Halloween craft ideas.

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Engage the kids with our monster collection of Halloween crafts, perfect for children of all ages. We’ve got skeletons, witches, ghosts, pumpkins of all sorts and monsters too.

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Glowing milk carton haunted house craft

Your kids will get a kick out of this halloween craft because it glows in the dark & the best part is no scissors required. Great for a large group or halloween party activity. Get the instructions here.

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Bear-y Cute Pumpkins

Skip the traditional pumpkin carving and create fabulous creatures with gourds and pumpkins. How to here .

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Halloween Egg Carton Bats

Done with your egg carton? Don’t throw it away! Add black paint, googly eyes and ribbon to suspend bats from the ceiling. Find the instructions here.

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Halloween Paper Plate Silhouette Craft

It doesn’t get any easier than this! All you need is paper plates and paint. Follow the instructions here.

Tissue Paper Pumpkins

These look smashing in the window! {Tutorial}

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Pumpkin Stamps 

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TP Kitties

The best thing about TP cats is everyone has TP rolls. These Toilet Roll Cats are simple & fun you just have to make them with your kids, at home or school…. just paint, glue and stick in the pipe cleaners!! That’s it!! How to here.

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Puffy Ghosts

DIY  hanging ghosts from Thriving Home with cotton balls on white construction paper. Glue on black paper eyes and mouths in expressions of your choosing.

halloween crafts for kids

Candy Corn Craft

Another Halloween Craft from Thriving Home because her crafts are super easy & because candy corn is my favorite Halloween treat!

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Monster Hands

This is the coolest halloween craft ever! Trace your kiddo’s arm and fingers on marbled green paper to create this monster hand from Happy Hooligans. Cut out and have kids glue on foam fingernails and dried bean “warts.”