Planning and executing a successful fundraiser can be simplified to a few easy steps with A Small World Gift Shop. Other fundraisers leave you to struggle on your own, and anything left unsold comes out of your budget. A Small World Gift Shop is a safe and easy way for your school to raise money and teach children the about giving thoughtful gifts during the holiday season.

  1. Plan your event. Set dates for your holiday gift shop and set your school’s budget and goals. Order your inventory from us, and receive our free tablecloths, gift bags, and more along with our merchandise. Shipping is free.
  2. Send home our free information letter and budget envelopes. Parents can set a specific budget for each person the child is buying a present for.
  3. Set up A Small World Gift Shop. Using our free inventory sheets, take note of what was sent to you. Set up tables for the event, and get volunteers to work at the tables and registers.
  4. Open your Gift Shop. Using our cash registers and/or cash register app, keep track of how much money you earn.
  5. Closing up shop. Pack up any unsold items even the broken or damaged ones, along with a copy of the inventory sheets. You will not be charged for any of them, and shipping back to us is free.
  6. Count up how much money you earned and have a happy holiday season!