Getting your child ready for school in the mornings can be stressful. These 5 tips will help them be ready for school on time.


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1. Establish a bedtime routine. Establish set bedtime routines for your child so they get enough sleep. Students in middle school need about 10 to 11 hours of sleep. That means, if you have a 8 year old child and they need to be awake by 7am to get to prepared for school, they should be in bed by 8pm.

2. Use a hanging Shelf. Place a weeks’ worth of uniforms on a hanging shelf – each shelf is designated for a school day.

3. Have a Food Plan. Plan ahead so you know in advance what your child’s breakfast and school lunch will be. Creating a meal timetable works brilliantly. If you’re stuck for school lunch ideas or want to be more efficient in the kitchen, try searching for tips online.

4. Avoid distractions. Discourage the watching of televisions and have no toys lying around your home in the morning. This will reduce unnecessary distractions for your child.


5. Pack their school bag the night before. Ensure your child’s school bag is packed correctly the night before. Encourage your child to help you. Teach them to take on more personal responsibility and be more organised in their school life. Suggest that they leave their shoes by the front door too, so they don’t go missing in the morning. To summarise, supervising your child every school morning doesn’t have to be stressful – if you prepare well in advance. Follow these highly effective tips to help you and your child be ready and on time for school every day.