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We all strive to ensure our kids know that the holidays are not just about receiving gifts but it’s also about the joy of giving, too. Here are 4 steps to help teach kids about the fun of giving by showing them how to make every gift giving experience fun and personal with the Help of my friends at A Small World Gift Shop.

Step 1.

Picture who you want to give the gift to. For example think about your best friend Stella, what does she love to do? Does her laugh remind you of unicorn sparkles? Does she love to play make believe and jump rope? Does she love watching the stars?

secret santa shop


Step 2.

What can make a really special gift for her?


Step 3.

Now lets wrap it up! Here are two ways we can wrap the gift. Get your child involved in creating the finishing touches.

Step 4.

Finally give your gift and watch them smile, knowing all the thought that went into it. That’s it, now you have a fun way to teach your kids the gift of giving!