Santa’s Secret Shop or School Holiday Gift Shop is an in-school holiday shopping experience for children where they get to learn the important lesson of life – budgeting and giving. The world is evolving rapidly and teaching your child about managing money efficiently has become even more important.

School Holiday Gift Shop offers one such opportunity to help your child develop good financial skill from an early age on. These experiences will not only teach them to be caring and giving but will also prepare them to handle financial challenges of adulthood.

It is a responsibility of any good parent to give their child a proper foundation. Lessons related to money matters are critical for their personal development. What could be a better way to teach your child the basics of budgeting, spending and savings? These learning are critical in establishing good money habits for life.

While it might not be safe to let your child shop anywhere, School Holiday Gift Shop offers a secured and friendly environment that instills confidence in your child. It helps them to evaluate things and make informed decisions. Exactly like learning to read, a child needs to practice making spending choices and using money so that they get better at it. If you want your child to learn making their own responsible financial choices, they need to start early. Getting a child interested in learning about money can be tricky, the key is to make it fun and that’s where In-School Gift Shops pitch in.

You as a parent can be assured of one thing that your child will have opportunity to shop in safe, non-commercial setting. Most importantly, since the event is organized by the school and or in the school premises, the faculty will teach the students about budgeting and spending wisely at In-School Gift Shop.

Give your child this holiday season the thrill of secretly buying gifts and let them experience the pride and joy of gift giving. For many children, In School Holiday Shop is the first time they experience the thrill and joy of picking their own holiday gifts for family and friends. It will be a great accomplishment for them. These gifts are also going to be special for you since your child chose them all by themselves. Years later when look back at them, no matter how old you get it will take you back in time, in that special nostalgic memory when your little one was a small kid and gifted it to you! Call A Small Word Gift Shop today to book your Holiday Fair 718-442-9005, or visit our website at