Our favorite Santa apps that make the magic even more magical.

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Naughty or Nice List?


We’re big fans of Santa around here, as you might have guessed. What, us risk making the naughty list? Never! Are you looking for fun Santa apps to help bring Santa to life on your phone, tablet, or laptop?  As a child gets older, comments from classmates who know too much can plant a seed of holiday doubt in their mind. As a parent wanting to make a believer out of any kid ,a visit to the app store or some Photoshop creativity can be just the thing to help restore your little one’s belief in the man in the red suit.


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                                                                                                    Norad Tracks Santa

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) have been tracking Santa on Christmas Eve for 60 years !! Their app takes advantage of highly sophisticated technology to help us all track Santa’s every move. They do monitor our airspace, after all. This gives kids real-time access to where St. Nick has been and where he is heading