Our favorite Santa apps that make the magic even more magical.

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Naughty or Nice List?


We’re big fans of Santa around here, as you might have guessed. What, us risk making the naughty list? Never! Are you looking for fun Santa apps to help bring Santa to life on your phone, tablet, or laptop?  As a child gets older, comments from classmates who know too much can plant a seed of holiday doubt in their mind. As a parent wanting to make a believer out of any kid ,a visit to the app store or some Photoshop creativity can be just the thing to help restore your little one’s belief in the man in the red suit.


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                                                                                                    Norad Tracks Santa

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) have been tracking Santa on Christmas Eve for 60 years !! Their app takes advantage of highly sophisticated technology to help us all track Santa’s every move. They do monitor our airspace, after all. This gives kids real-time access to where St. Nick has been and where he is heading.
On Christmas eve, either stick with this one or the Google Tracker. We read 2014 reports from parents that they offered different locations at the same time which could definitely make kids wonder what’s going on. Of course the answer we’d give as parents is: Maybe he’s getting here sooner than expected. Better get to bed NOW! Free on iTunes and Google Play; Follow https://twitter.com/NoradNorthcom NORAD’s Twitter feed for updates. Official Site http://www.noradsanta.org/

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Track Santa                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Google Santa Tracker

Not only a tracker but also a interactive advent gaming calendar, 24 wonderful little games, a new one unlocked each day. It features videos, cute interactive games like Elf Jamband & Santa Search,  interesting educational info, like a map with Christmas traditions around the world; and a ornament coloring page called Season of Giving   connects kids of all ages with charities around the world. Kids get to decorate an ornament to print out and hang on the tree to show your support for different charities.

On Christmas eve find real-time updates on the man with the bag, or download the Google Santa Tracker Android app for tracking on-the-go. Either way, it’s fun to show the kids changing GPS locations of Santa’s stops on Christmas Eve. Even we keep our eyes on this one on the 24th. Free website, app also free at Google Play  https://santatracker.google.com/village.html

google santa tracker

Google Santa Tracker


Free Kringl APP | Free Video Of Santa

 Take a shot of your living room with the tree all lit up, then place the overlay of Santa right in your room, follow the instructions to scale him to size and match your room’s own lighting. Super realistic! The perfect way to make Christmas magical again! And who says adults can’t have their own… uh..fun with Santa too? We’ll let your imagination go with that one. Free on iTunes, Google Play

FREE Kringl photo app santa a small world gift shop

FREE Kringl photo app