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How To Get More Dads To Become PTA Members

How can we get more men involved? National PTA surveyed almost 2,700 men in 2004 . The  survey inquired “10 ways a local PTA can break down barriers to male involvement and increase male PTA membership”. Here are the Top 10 ways to get Dad to join in PTA events & activities and maybe become a member!

1. Make the membership more apppealing to Men

The number one reason why the men who took the survey joined PTA was “to work to improve the school for the benefit of my child/children.” Therefore, your recruitment materials and your membership appeal should explain how Dad’s involvement in PTA would benefit their children and their children’s schools. A dad’s involvement in PTA:

  • Shows added interest in his child’s education and school activities
  • Builds a bond between Dad & Child
  • Improves relationships between parents and teachers

2. Use messaging and advertising for Dad

When asked what would encourage Dad to join PTA, advertising was brought up. 87% of the men surveyed believe that PTA values men, but 67%  don’t believe PTA does a good job promoting male involvement. Show Dad how his involvement in your PTA when communicating with members and potential members.

3. Just ask

Nearly half of the guys who took the survey said men don’t join PTA because they aren’t asked. Just asking could make a huge diference in membership recruitment for your PTA! You can find Tips on making “the ask” successful  in the Go Ahead and Ask handout in the 2005 Annual Resources for PTAs.

4. Have women in your PTA to invite the men in their children’s lives to join PTA

Research shows women can influence men to join PTA. More than 90%  of male PTA members indicated in the survey that their spouses, who were already members, contributed largely to their involvement in PTA. For some reason both mom and dad are PTA members in less than 50 % of families with kids in school.

5. Create volunteer opportunities &  special events for DAD

Try an event like “dads only” school carnivals, sports activities, father-daughter ,father-son activities or back-to-school fests! One special event I saw that was adorable is called ” Donuts with Dad”, there are a bunch of examples on Pintrest.

Donuts With Dad

6. Let Dad know becoming a PTA member doesn’t involve a large time commitment

71%  of Men surveyed said “time” stops them from getting involved with PTA. It doesn’t have to be, though. When talking about time, they were referring to the time necessary to volunteer. Assure new members that they don’t need to join to volunteer.

7. Give Dad The Facts Only

Almost half of the men surveyed indicated that they want volunteer roles and expectations clearly defined. Telling them the what, when, where, why, and how would make them more likely to join and to volunteer.

8. Just Get To The Point

Men want fewer meetings, and they want the meetings PTAs do have to be after work. Dad also wants meetings to have a clear agenda and be results-oriented, rather than exploratory sessions on an issue or topic. Men prefer to receive PTA communications in bulleted lists, as summary points, in e-mails, just get to the Point!

9. Calling All Men (Locally)

Instead of waiting for men to come to your PTA, take your PTA to where men often meet. Present the PTA message at local service clubs that have a large male population, like Rotary, Kiwanis, or Lions clubs. If men see that other club members support PTA’s work, they might be more likely to join.

10. Recognize and Celebrate Dad

Publicize your successes. When more Dads get involved in your PTA, let the community know. Success begets success. Recognize members, thank them often, and celebrate your PTA’s accomplishments!


PTA Dads Rock