Elementary school graduation symbolizes a transformation time for your child. Your pre-teen is midway through their education and the emergence of a new world as a high school teenager. Celebrate this big moment in their life with one or more of these awesome elementary school graduation gifts for your favorite grad.


Dinner Reservation

middle school graduation dinner

Plan a special but simple dinner out. Invite family, a couple friends and take your graduate to their favorite restaurant. The time spent with those closest to them is one of the best gifts you can give. Surprise them when the waitress has a graduation cake at the end of the meal or set everything up ahead of time at home and surprise your child when you get back.


Graduation Flowers

A bouquet of flowers can be enjoyed for many years. Before the flowers start to wither ,dry them & spend an afternoon together creating crafts from the flowers. Now your graduate isn’t left with a bouquet of dead flowers.Now they have a sweet momento from their graduation & the memories creating them with you.

Graduation Party

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Photo © Patryce Bak / Getty Images

Get summer started off right with a graduation party. Here is a fun way to congratulate your child  and send them off to high school with great memories from elementary school. Design  your own graduation party invitations . Make graduation party-themed food just follow these recipes. Plan your child’s graduation bash & have lasting memeories for years to come.

Graduation Album

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Give your graduate the gift of sharing memories with a gorgeous graduation album. On graduation day,  take plenty of pictures of your child with their class. Try to get a picture of your graduate with each one of their classmates, so they’ll always have photos of their middle school friends.

Have her put all of the pictures from graduation in the album with you to make it an afternoon enjoyed together.

Personalized Graduation Cookies

Graduation 2017 Cookies middle school

Graduation 2017 Cookies

Yummy, sweet treats! These treats are a perfect gift for your special graduate. They can be customized with your school’s colors or mascot & everyone loves cookies!