Keep kids Happy & Parents Sane With These Genius Family Travel Hacks

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It’s officially Summer , the kids just finished school and it’s family vacation time. Here’s a  family travel hack list that is sure to make family traveling easier and give you more time for enjoying your vacation.

  • Pack Books and DVDs to keep kids occupied.
  • Keep your little one entertained on those long journey’s! Load up with their favorite toys!

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  • Games will keep them busy and less likely to ask “are we there yet?”. Most kids can spend hours playing “angry birds” ,you can hardly get them to put it down to come to dinner. So don’t forget to bring their favorite tablet or iPad.

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  • Allow more time for everything traveling with kids always takes longer.
  • When flying bring gummy bears to help with the ear popping.

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  • Pack plenty of your child’s favorite snacks & drinks to to save time and money on multiple pit stops.

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first aid travel

Kids get sick on vacation , bring children’s Robitussin and Advil for a surprise earache or stomach bug. Create your own First Aid Kit ,it will save you from trying to find a pharmacy in an unfamiliar place. You might want to start with :

  1. Antiseptic Wipes
  2. Neosporin
  3. Band-aids
  4. Boo Boo Buddy Instant Cold Pack – These ice packs instantly get cold when you bend them to activate them.
  5. 1% Hydrocortisone Cream – use hydrocortisone cream for hives, rashes and bug bites.
  6. Braun Thermoscan- Checking for fever.
  7. Ibuprofen
  8. Acetaminophen – Acetaminophen works faster than ibuprofen
  9. Benadryl – If your child has an allergic reaction, Benadryl may help slow down the reaction.
  10. Tweezers – Great for splinters


What are some of your “Family Travel Hacks” ? Let us know in the comments below.