fundraiser-clip-art-87612Here are just some  simple things you and your board can do to increase the sale of your 2015 School Holiday fair!

Tip 1:  The first thing you have to do after you pick your fair date is ADVERTISE ADVERTISE! Most companies will give you flyers to hang around your school and letters to give to parents, take advantage of these freebies! This will let the parents know when the fair is and will also get the children excited.

Tip 2: Get everyone on the same page! This is an important step to carry out early on. School fairs can get hectic really quick, which is why organization is needed. Recruit teachers, PTO members, and even parents to help out. Give each person an assigned task to follow out and when the fair rolls around make sure they know where they will be.

Tip 3: (CASH REGISTER APP USERS) Practice makes perfect right? Once you know if you will be using the App, practice practice practice. The worst thing you can do is open up the app for the first time on the day of your fair! That can make your day get even more hectic. Take 10 minutes once you decide to use it, and play around with it. This way when the fair comes, you`ll be a pro.

Tip 4: Decide how you are going to display your gifts! This can be overwhelming I know, but its better to start thinking about it before the day of the fair. THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO is go in the day of the fair, open your boxes and start putting things out. For one, you might be missing things and now you will have to wait till the next morning to get the things you need (assuming you put in a reorder by 1p.m that day). CHECK all your boxes to make sure everything is correct. Then, even if you can`t set up in advance, plan it out. Deciding where everything will go early on can save headache, and time.

Tip 5: If you re reading this, then you have gotten this taken care of. Don`t be afraid to ask for help! Call up your fundraising company, go online, email them and just like you are doing, check their website. Free tips are hard to come by sometimes, so take advantage of them. Don`t be afraid to ask how you should do things because most likely (like us), they have school-fundraiser-colorbeen in your position many times. Even if its simple questions like how you should display your merchandise and how can you promote your fair…. they will know the answers, or find them out.


Fundraisers can be amazing fun and hectic all at the same time. Make sure when yours rolls around, you`ll be prepared for anything, and we mean ANYTHING!