Halloween is right around the corner, which means so is the annual, or maybe first time Halloween party that the children love. Thinking about this can be stressful, but fun at the same time. I have put together just a few simple ideas that can turn your boring old party into a great time for the kids!

The first thing you should do is Inform all the parents!!! This will give you an idea of who is going to be helping out, which is crucial. Parents can be a blessing in disguise when it comes to help because they want the same thing you do, for the children to have fun.

First figure out the snacksHALLOWEEN_SCARY_TREATS_12_FRAME

  • Halloween_cookies_and_brownies_HTry getting each parent to provide some spooky snack for the party such as eyeball cupcakes, pretzels dipped in “blood”(colored chocolate), and even the simple candy corn.
  • Another cute idea is gravestone brownies! Just get regualr brownies, and either get a grahm cracker to put at the end and write R.I.P or get a pre-made toy to add on. Just make sure the kids know what the can and can`t eat.
  • WitWICKED-WITCH-WICHESch hat cookies and popcorn balls are another favorite! Popcorn balls you can find at any grocery store around Halloween since they are a favorite, but witch hats you will have to make yourself. All you need is a cookie, a Hershey’s kiss, and some frosting.

Costumes Costumes Costumes!

  • This is the best part of Halloween hands down! Make sure the kids, and parents know they should be dressed up for this party appropriately. This is important because you don’t want the child to have to leave because his/her costume is “too scary” or revealing.
  • Dressing up yourself can be a fun treat too! Go with the theme of the party, whether it be scary or cheerful.


This will either make, or break your party! You are going to want things that will keep the kids moving and entertained… which we all know can be extremely hard.

  •  MONSTER MASH FREEZE DANCE: The first think you can do is have a monster mash freeze dance. Get your spookiest music, and as soon as the kids come in start your freeze dance. Then inform the kids that this will happen every hour (or when ever you want) unexpectedly. This will keep them on their toes and aware at the same time.   fa01098712c77a721041d6c84d27f924
  • ESTIMATION GAME: This can be a fun, yet educational game for all the kids. Get a jar and fill it with fake eyeballs (candy or toys), candy corn, and even spiders. Count it out before, and let all the children guess how many are in each jar. If you want to give a prizes for the closest guess, I suggest a bag of candy or even the entire jar that is filled… but nothing extreme because you don’t want to upset any of the other kids.
  • PASS THE PUMPKIN: This is a favorite with all the kids! Have the kids sit in a circle, and like hot potato, pass the pumpkin around. The first person who lets go or holds the pumpkin in place gets out. this goes on until there is one child left.
  • kidsgames07MUMMY WRAP: If you don’t mind a little mess, this can be great fun! Get some toilet paper and make up a few teams. Have one child be the “mummy” and let the rest wrap him up. Once everyone is done let a parent or teacher judge, and who ever looks the most like a mummy will win!
  • THE WITCHES CAULDRON: This can either be an activity or just something to do for the kids. Get a big witches cauldron, if you go the game route, have a list of spooky i
    tems that are inside, make each child guess what they are going to pick. If you want it just set up for the kids, have bags of candy inside and make them reach in to get their bag!

The last thing I encourage you to do is CRAFTS!

  •  A big Halloween craft that kids love is painting the pumpkins! Make each student bring in a little pumpkin, and allow them to paint them however they want. Try not to make this a competition and more of just a fun craft for the children to do.
  • Any fun crafts you can think will be great for the kids. Making paper masks, drawing pumpkins, coloring, making spider webs, and creating bats from foam are just a few ideas to make your party great!

This party should be a fun experience for you and the children, so try not to take on too much. Classroom Halloween parties have been going on for years so just find the easiest, yet fun party that fits your classroom! Don`t forget to call A Small World Gift Shop to help make a great Halloween party! Have a Spooktastic time!