Thinking about teacher appreciation week a little early this year? Well so are we because our teachers do th (1)everything! Who says you have to wait for a week that is so far away to appreciate the people who are educating our children. Here are just a few things you can do to let them know you care.



  1. teacher-s-appreciation-appleSend a Thank you card- This is just a little gesture to show that you recognize how much they do for your kids
  2. Small gifts- This can apply during holidays, or any time. It can be as little as an apple, as long as it is some gesture that shows your appreciation.
  3. Volunteer- This is the biggest thanks you can give to a teacher. Most of the time teachers will have an overwhelming amount of work and planning to do. Even if its just helping out for school parties, lunch, or giving donations… every little amount of time helps.



Don`t try and reinvent the wheel. Try not to knock yourself our helping because you will ware yourself down, and your other volunteers. Remember any little gesture will help, so don’t try to book the party of all parties, or get the gift of all gifts!!