Valentines Day is almost here! So is heart shapedvalentines day gift for boyfriend (10) everything.  A lot of people don`t want the hassle of putting on a entire shop, especially so soon after the In-school Holiday fundraiser madness. Here are some ideas to still get in some easy,  fun things for the children to do this Valentines Day.



  1. The first thing you can try is a bake sale! This is a very fun easy option that can get every child interacting. The kids could make  simple Valentines Day cookies or cakes to be sold. This could give them a feeling of pride seeing their creations on display.
  2. Another easy thing is crafts!! Get the children involved by creating fun crafts like bracelet making, fingerprints made into hearts and even Valentines Day fortunes. These could be sold as a fundraiser or just simply taken home for the kids loved ones. DSC_0040
  3. A really fun idea is a Valentines Day dance for the kids! Round up all the PTA members to help out with this one. Make easy decorations to put up around the gym or cafeteria, charge a few dollars for tickets and done! You and the kids will be dancing the night away thinking why didn’t we ever do this before!

If you need help with any ideas feel free to call us here at A Small World Gift Shop! Our number is 718-442-9005! We`d love to help you put on a great Valentines Day for the kids!