Holiday shopping program such as School ‘s Santa Gift Store or In School Holiday Gift Shoppe(Store) offers an excellent opportunity for everyone involved and not just the students. Students get the opportunity to confidently purchase high quality Gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa Boutiques at an affordable price for their friends and family in a safe and comfortable environment. Teachers and the school administration get the opportunity to use the time to teach some really good lessons of life to their students in a practical way. For example students learn the importance of saving money and budgeting for school Holiday Bazaar to buy School Gifts for all family members and friends. They also learn to apply basic math principles of addition and multiplications for adding up totals and making change. Besides all these learning factors for students, the administration can also use the opportunity as a School fundraiser event through Santa’s Secret Shop® and The Holiday Gift Shop® to meet their financial goals for purchasing books or equipment for playground or to fund trips. The best part is that The Holiday Gift Shop® offers No hassle inventory program for your in-school Holiday Shoppe. Here are five tips that will help you maximize your benefits from holiday events such as Santa’s Secret Shop® and The Holiday Gift Shop®.

Book your holiday shop early

Booking your holiday shop early enables you to get started with the planning early. This leaves you with enough time to promote the School’s Santa Secret Store to students and parents, which is critical to its success. Moreover when you apply early, you also become eligible for early-sign-up bonuses for both old and new clients.

Choose strategic location

Planning early will help you secure the best location for your In School Holiday Gift Shop before it gets booked for any other event. Location is important since you need to have a place that ensures enough room for children.

Team work

The key to successful event requires several ingredients. One of it is team work. Form a group of teachers and staff to volunteer for the event. You will need enough staff to man the space on day of school carnivals fair.

Promote in advance

Signing up early gives you adequate amount of time to promote the event well in advance to students, teachers and parents. Send home flyers to parents about a week or two prior to the In School Holiday Gift Shop event. Put up notice in parents visiting area and the school website about upcoming In School Holiday Gift Shoppe(Store)

Be clear

Plan every aspect of organizing the In School Holiday Gift Shop, including the smallest and the most obvious details. If you are not clear on any information related to no hassle inventory program for your in-school Holiday Shoppe or Coded merchandise and cash registers Christmas Store and Holiday Shops, speak with your representative.

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