You know how the saying goes, New year new me… well it`s true. As one year fades away and brings us into a new one, it gives us new opportunities to change and make ourselves better, and make our In-school holiday gift shop better. That is what 2016 is all about, improving. Here are some things we can all do in the new year.

Identify Goals

The first way you can succeed in the New year is by IDENTIFYING GOALS. When you think about the future, whether it is positive or negative you are enhancing motivation. When you think about a better future, you are going to strive for that dream. To make it even easier to reach these goals, I suggest to make a list of everything you want to do in the new year. Once each one starts getting accomplished, check it off. This will help you organize your goals, and not let them slip away with last years resolution. This is a great idea to keep order and focus for all your School fundraising ideas.

Determine improvement

The second thing you can do is to determine what actually needs improvement. Once you have your list made up, prioritize it by most important. This does not have to be for self improvement, it could also be for a business or even finance wise. I know here at A Small World Gift Shop, improvement is always on our minds, and every year we take steps to better our company for the sake of the children. As a company, we will sit down and brain storm what is the best, new ways we can serve our customers. With most of our staff having experience in the PTA, it helps us to better know the customers. I used this example because when you and your PTA board are sitting down to figure out new ideas for your holiday bazaar and chocolate sales, make sure to get everyone in your corner. Many people may have hidden talents you never knew, which could help improve.


Getting feedback is always a key to improving. This shows us what is going wrong, from another persons point of view. We might not see flaws in ourselves or our company or even our PTA board…. but others might. After every year of a Secret Santa shop or Mother`s and Father`s day fair, we ask PTA members what they liked and what they think we need to change. This is important for us because we want everyone to be happy, and we never want the children to suffer. If you are trying to improve yourself, feedback from a loved one is always good, and for a company¬†feedback from your costumers is always the best way to go.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is always a key to improving anything you do. With today’s technology all you have to do is get to a computer and google! I prefer books, but pick your own poison.¬†This can help because it can show you how others are improving, and the methods they used to do it. I see you already completed this step since you stumbled onto this blog, which is a great. I remember a class I took in college about our personalities and the influence of others. The more we see others changing and improving, the more we will strive to do so in order to assimilate into society and its “norms”.

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