The ultimate checklist that helps your get ready for Christmas in September ,working your way through December. The main reason being is December is too busy with  holiday musicals or school holiday fairs, a few parties and visits with family, there isn’t much time to shop, mail Christmas cards,cooking or baking . Unless you want to stress like a crazy person. Planning Christmas early has it’s benefits and I’m here to show you how!

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  1. Set a budget.
  2. Make a list, check it twice!
  3. List of Gifts & for Who.
  4. Christmas Card List.
  5. Gift ideas and start checking sizes (kids, Hubby)
  6. Shop Sales for stocking stuffers during back to school.


  1. Start shopping.
  2. Start Homemade gifts.
  3. Search for ideas and decide on a Christmas card design.


  1. Order Christmas Cards
  2. Finish shopping for gifts and stocking stuffers.
  3. Make and Freeze Cookie Dough.
  4. Send out Christmas Cards
  5. Plan out December Activities and Events – Mark your calendar for all those pageants, concerts, parties and any other activities.
  6. Plan out advent calendar ideas (if you do one) –  Activities you can do to get into the festive spirit.


  1. Wrap gifts and Stocking Stuffers.
  2. Finish holiday baking.
  3. Enjoy fun activities with family from your advent calender.
  4. Tis’ the season to go to parties, plays, concerts and visit the family!
  5. Enjoy Christmas!

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