It’s back to school time!

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1. Flipp
Flipp is a free app that brings you circulars, coupons and an interactive shopping list right to your phone so you can plan your shop and find the best deals on everything you need for back to school. Ultimate time and money saving app for BTS

2. OurPact
OurPact is a parental control and family locator app that allows parents to block apps and texting on their children’s mobile devices either at-a-touch or through automateaction during family meals/homework time. Also protects against staying up past bedtime playing games. Parents can manage children’s iOS or Android devices from OurPact’s iOS, Android or web application, on Wi-Fi or any cellular connection (e.g. 4G LTE).

3. Fanominal
Fanominal is all about group chat through your Android or iOS and smart TV. So college students can watch their favorite shows and comment/chat with friends while watching it essentially together. Or maybe if they have a school project/assignment to watch (e.g. a specific historyd, recurring schedules and allows them to track the location of their kids…perfect for ensuring devices aren’t a distr program) they can all chat via their device or smart TV and share thoughts + questions regarding the class assignment.

4. Epic!
Epic! is an amazing digital library for kids 12 and under – encourages kids to read and learn with instant, unlimited access to 25,000 of the best books, learning videos, quizzes and more!

5. Clark App
Clark is an app that acts like a virtual assistant – which handles scheduling, invoicing, and sending student progress reports — so that educators/teachers can grow tutoring businesses and earn more money, and parents can find the perfect tutor for their child’s need + have transparency into what their child is learning with progress reports. (Tutors use the app and parents use the website:
· Clark puts more money in tutors’ pockets than their competitors by only charging 10% of every session after the initial tutoring session, which is a one-time charge of 50% and during the Back to School Season, as a limited time special, Clark is free for tutors.