As a woman looking back this resonates with me for the simple fact that I wish I had a parent tell me these same things. Teach her the most important things she needs to know  before she grows up and starts to hear voices from people and sources who don’t love or care for her. Your daughter is going to get answers from somewhere, so it’s up to you to make sure she is getting the right information. As a parent you want to be the loudest voice , here are 7 things you must teach your daughter!



1. “You are immeasurably valuable.”
So much of growing up is finding yourself. Through that comes a lot of insecurities. Teach her from a young age that she is invaluable. She matters, despite what anyone may tell her. She knows her value to others and to the world.

2. “You are beautiful.”
Every daughter needs to hear, and hear often, from her parents, “You are beautiful.” Make sure she knows she is beautiful inside and out.

3. “Never let your daughter hear you degrade your own body.
Young girls especially look up to their mothers as one of the most beautiful women they know. Degrading your own body shatters that supermom image and your daughters begin to look at their own bodies in negative ways.

4. “Teach her how to change a tire.
Teach her simple car maintenance, where the fuse box is and how to turn the water main off. This will teach independence , self reliance & confidence when it comes to real life situations.

5. “I love you unconditionally.
Our daughters need to know that we love them no matter what and that nothing, absolutely nothing, can ever separate them from our love. We need to continually tell them, and show them, that we always love them.

6. “You can always count on me.
No matter what,your daughters need to know that they can count on you.

7. “Teach her to love herself.

This might be the most important one if you ask me. Your words are powerful. They have the power to shape the way your daughter sees herself, use them wisely.